CROSSAIR Air Shower removes surface-deposited particles from personnel as they enter and exit a cleanroom or other controlled environment. An electromagnetic interlock prevents that possibility of cross-contamination by allowing only one door at a time to open. The system uses two HEPA filtration systems to achieve this contaminant removal:


The Ceiling Filtration System (optional)

Directs a flow of air downward through a ceiling-mounted HEPA filter (rated 99.99% efficient @ 0.3-micron particles) to provide a vertical flow of clean air moving at an average speed of 90 feet/minute. This air is returned to the filter/fan unit through air plenums in the double-wall steel structure of the Air Shower. This vertical laminar flow of clean air helps remove particles dislodged by the Purge FIlter System.


The Purge Filter System

Circulates air at very high speed (over 6,000 feet per minutes) through 1.5”-diameter nozzles positioned on two sides of the air shower. Each nozzle can be adjusted to control the direction of the air flow. A high-capacity HEPA filter, rated 99.99% efficient @ 0.3-micron particles, captures contaminants before air is forced through the nozzles. The Purge Filter cycle is activated by presence sensors and lasts for a user-defined time (default: 30 seconds).



The Air Shower is equipped with electro-magnetic interlocks that allow only one door at a time to open, thereby preventing cross-contamination. The presence sensors activate magnetic locks on both doors, which remain locked during the Purge Filter cycle. After this time, either door can be opened.

Emergency Operation

An oversized mushroom-head Emergency Stop buttons is located inside the Air Shower next to each door. It cuts power to the Purge Filtration System and allows the either door to be opened.


7.0 Specifications



See drawings for details Construction



16-gauge CR steel, powder-coated white



Molded plastic

System Power


240VAC, 50/60Hz, 3-phase with neutral (4-wire)



Air Speed: 6000 FPM (average) measured where air exits the nozzle

HEPA Filters


Purge filter: 24” x 10” x 12” thick

Filter Media



Polyurethane minipleats. Ceiling filter uses thermal plastic separators with aluminum frame; Purge filter uses aluminum separators with particle-board frame.




 For Purge Filter 3 HP, 240V, 3 phase 3475 RPM motor drives 12.5” dia. high-pressure direct drive radial blade blower


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